The blues group „Lady I" was founded in 1995. The main star of the band was and still remains an excellent singer and one of the very few female blues harp players Ivana „Erzika” Novotná (Lady I = Lady Ivana), in Czech known under the name "Erzika". Her fascinating performance gushes out straight from her heart and the nickname „Blues Lady”, which has been given to her by the press and musical critics, fits perfectly. Another important face was the excellent blues guitarist Milan Spacek. The Excellent rhythm section was formed by the bassist Miroslav Vorlicek and the drummer Lubos Hnat. The music is a fresh mixture of contemporary blues and classic standards, as well as the band´s own original compositions (Miroslav Vorlicek – main band´s composer) – a healthy blend of blues, rock and jazz. Stage performances have been executed mostly on rare classic, vintage instruments with high energy and driven feel. It takes you on a nostalgic journey from the roots of the music through the wonderful sound of sixties to the present funk and latin influenced style. In 1996, the band´s live show, recorded in Prag´s Bunkr Club, won the contest for the best Czech amateur blues band held by B. B. King´s management. The band became professional and is travelling more and more around Europe, occasionally supporting blues and jazz major acts like B. B. King, Laco Deczi´s New York Celula, Sugar Blue, Duke Robillard and others. They collected a few musical prizes.

In this composition, the group successfully operated for almost 15 years and has performed in clubs and open air festivals in Czech, Germany, Austria, Slovakia, Hungary and Poland. After the death of guitarist Milan Spacek in 2013, the band stopped their activities. Now „Lady Ivana" is coming on the stage with a new  project: „Lady I Trio - Acoustic": they have a more intimate sound, but the main power of this unit is still  it´s hard-driving intensive live shows with dazzling moments of pure musical joy and energy.


  • V. Blues, Jazz, Rock Fesztivál – Paks – (1997, compilation CD – Hungary)

  • LADY I & THE BLUES BIRDS - (1998, CD, Radio Most - Softex)

  • BLUES ALIVE 1999 - (1999, compilation CD)

  • LADY I & THE BLUES BIRDS - Rock Me Baby/Blues Collection - (2000, CD, DRS Studio-Slovakia)

  • LADY I – Live in Brno/Stará Pekárna - (2001, CD, Indies)

  • Blues ze Staré Pekárny č. 1 – (2002, compilation CD, Indies)

  • LADY I TRIO - Live in Ponte Records (2018)


Ivana "Eržika" Novotná - vocal, harp

Miro "Eagleson" Vorlíček - bas

Miloš "The Cat" Svoboda - vocal,guitar